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What is LARA in the State of Michigan?

by Kacie Goff on 2019-07-29 8:56am

If you perform work in the state of Michigan, you might need a license for it And whether you’re a residential builder, accountant, coffee shop owner, optometrist, tailor, or involved in a number of other business types, you’ll need to secure your license from LARA...

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How to Get a Michigan Builders License

by Kacie Goff on 2019-07-24 3:04pm

You want to build residential homes in the state of Michigan But, first, you need to get properly licensed to do so...

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The Only Survivors - Billionaires and Cockroaches

by Karla Allen on 2018-03-30 10:21am

It's not just that crazy Great American who lives next door mumbling to himself while stockpiling canned peaches and ammo into the underground shelter he’s been digging in his backyard; prepping has gone glam Those with millions (and more) have always had the ability to buy, well, anything, so much to the delight of survivalist gear hawkers, the sudden rush to buy a military grade backpack (thanks for the rec, Goop!), anti-radiation tablets, and 10 acres off the grid, has hit them hard...

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Can “Plywood on Steroids” be the Answer & Save the Planet, Too?

by Peter Quince on 2018-01-30 11:09am

It’s a classic case of good news/bad news Michigan (especially Detroit) was hit hard by the 2007-2008 recession, with car manufacturing and construction hit hardest...

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Michigan's Quiet Construction Crisis

by Chuck Rehdorf on 2017-10-25 8:35am

  Michigan's Quiet Construction Crisis Image courtesy of: wikimedia commons   The paint on Detroit’s Little Caesar’s Arena is barely dry, but the dust from its construction definitely has not settled, and with the amount of money involved in this project and related projects that are coming down the line, controversy might be swirling for a while to come  The big question is, what happened to all the Detroit workers the project was supposed to employ?   When Olympia Development and all their contractors made the deal with the Detroit Downtown Development Authority, a lot of ink, words, and money was thrown at the problem of putting a chunk of Detroit’s skilled construction workforce back to work...

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