Michigan Residential Builder Continuing Education

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Michigan Residential Builder 3 Hour CE

clock hour icon 3h course

This package meets the three specific course hours needed by all licensees.

This package includes 2019 changes in Michigan law, 2015 Michigan Residential Code, and OSHA regulations.

4.5 1195 Reviews

Michigan Residential Builder 21 Hour Continuing Education Course

clock hour icon 21h course

This 21 hour course gives you the mandatory continuing education classes you need to renew your license if you have been licensed for less than six years! It includes the three specific course hours needed by all licensees as well as the 18 hours in "other" topics.

It includes the most recent changes in Michigan law, 2015 Michigan Residential Code and OSHA regulations, Professionalism, Business Management, Liability & Risk Management, Marketing & Sales, Contracts & Liens and Estimating & Job Costing.

4.6 176 Reviews

Estimating and Job Costing (4 Hrs)

clock hour icon 4h course

This class provides detailed instruction on the proper procedures for generating an accurate bid (estimating) and the tasks necessary to make sure you stay on budget (job costing).

4.8 6 Reviews

Marketing & Sales (4 Hrs)

clock hour icon 4h course

From formulating a marketing plan to developing marketing strategies, this course covers the information you need to know to bring customers in the door. Once you have their attention, the modules related to sales techniques will give you valuable tools to use in actually closing the sale.

4.7 3 Reviews

Liability and Risk Management (4 Hrs)

clock hour icon 4h course

This course covers the essential elements of developing a risk management plan and managing your exposure to various forms of liability in your day-to-day business operations.

4.0 1 Reviews

Contracts and Liens (4 Hrs)

clock hour icon 4h course

This class covers the fundamentals of contract writing and development, addresses the most common errors made in drafting a construction contract, and the fundamentals of contract liens and the best methods to follow for protecting your lien rights.

5.0 3 Reviews

Project Management and Scheduling (4 Hrs)

clock hour icon 4h course

Keeping your jobs on track and on budget can be a difficult process, but good project management and scheduling techniques can solve all of those problems. This course provides excellent tips and information on project management for both the novice and experienced professional, alike.

4.3 3 Reviews

Business Management (3 Hrs)

clock hour icon 3h course

This module will cover the basics of business management, including accounting methodologies, human resources issues and more.

This course also includes a brief module on the fundamentals of writing a business plan.

4.0 2 Reviews

Digital Marketing (3 Hr)

clock hour icon 3h course

Learn the 6 Ways to Increase Your Online Presence and Earn More Revenue! This course covers different forms of digital marketing and the basics for getting started. We show you exactly how to get started with your own Website, Facebook, YouTube, and much more!

4.5 6 Reviews

Construction Safety: Summary of OSHA 1926 (1 Hr)

clock hour icon 1h course

OSHA Standard 1926 addresses OSHA regulations and required practices for construction-specific safety in the workplace.

This one hour class will provide an overview of OSHA, it's requirements in general, and construction safety practices, specifically.

4.4 7 Reviews

Concepts of Professionalism (1 Hr)

clock hour icon 1h course

This class examines the various concepts and ideas underlying the term, "Professionalism," and how these ideas and concepts apply to the construction industry.

5.0 1 Reviews

2015 Michigan Residential Code (1 Hour)

clock hour icon 1h course

This class is a survey of the 2015 Michigan Residential Code. Students who complete this class will gain 1 hour of continuing education training on the current Michigan building codes.

4.5 8 Reviews

Michigan Contractor Law Class (1Hr)

clock hour icon 1h course

This course covers the 1-hour law education requirement for Michigan contractors.

What Are The CE Requirements for MI Residential Builders?

In Michigan, Residential Builder licenses must be renewed every three years.

All licensees must complete the following during each three year renewal period:

  • 1 hour of Building Codes and Laws
  • 1 hour covering Safety
  • 1 hour regarding changes in construction and business management laws

In addition, if you have been licensed for less than six years your requirements also include:

  • a minimum of 3 hours of CE each year of your three year renewal period
  • 21 total hours of CE comprised of the three courses listed above plus 18 hours of 'other' topics