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Time to Renew for Michigan Contractors

by Brian Murphy on 2017-03-15 2:08pm

  The Michigan trades profession license renewal period is here! The Corporations, Securities & Commercial Licensing Bureau (CSCL) of the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) that regulates and oversees the builder profession in Michigan has announced the following schedule: Renewal period opened February 22, 2017 Renewal ends May 31, 2017, at which point, unrenewed licenses expire A grace period runs from June 1, 2017 - July 31, 2017 for those who missed the deadline to still renew for an additional $20 The renewal period began with some confusion and LARA wants to be sure that gets all cleared up...

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Danger in the Air: What to Know When Working with Asbestos

by Joel Harper on 2017-02-13 11:45am

Photo By Michael Pereckas The word “asbestos” conjures up thoughts of cancer and debility More frightening is the idea that this threat to health is hidden in buildings, afflicting everyone inside...

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Changing Demands in Home Ownership

by Elisa Meyer on 2017-01-12 4:00pm

    As we enter 2017, a lot of uncertainty surrounds the economy, and that includes the construction industry For many builders and developers, financing is difficult to obtain, so every project must count...

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Michigan Builders Make Homes Safe With the 2017 National Electrical Code

by Peter Quince on 2016-12-30 2:01pm

A Peek Inside the New Process for NEC Revisions 8,800 volunteers assisted by 60,000 regular folks continue to make the world safe for electricity Maybe you’ve seen the Schoolhouse Rock cartoon “How a Bill Becomes a Law” It all seems to happen far away...

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