Time to Renew for Michigan Contractors

by Brian Murphy on 2017-03-15 2:08pm




The Michigan trades profession license renewal period is here!

The Corporations, Securities & Commercial Licensing Bureau (CSCL) of the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) that regulates and oversees the builder profession in Michigan has announced the following schedule:

  • Renewal period opened February 22, 2017

  • Renewal ends May 31, 2017, at which point, unrenewed licenses expire

  • A grace period runs from June 1, 2017 - July 31, 2017 for those who missed the deadline to still renew for an additional $20.

The renewal period began with some confusion and LARA wants to be sure that gets all cleared up. Apparently, notification by email sent out February 22, 2017 caught some off guard and created a concern that it might be a scam.

LARA wants to assure licensees that it is not a scam. They sent out a follow-up email later that same day (2.22.17) to clarify and sent out hard copies the next day. 


Two of the main trades licenses available in Michigan are the Residential Builder and the Maintenance & Alteration Contractor. In most instances, these licenses and their renewals can be obtained on-line as the state strives to expedite the licensing process. Check out available courses here.


In Michigan, the Residential Builder may build a new home from the ground up as well as perform any repairs covered by Occupational Code Article 24. A Residential Builder may bid and enter into a contract for the whole job, but certain specialties such as plumbing, electrical, and mechanical (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), must be subcontracted to licensed plumbing, electrical and mechanical contractors.


The Maintenance & Alteration Contractor, on the other hand, is licensed only for specific trades and services and work only in the trade(s) or craft(s) for which they are licensed. The contractor's wall license and pocket card identify the trade(s) for which they are licensed. Letter codes are used on the pocket card indicating which trade(s) the contractor is licensed for. 


The M&A trades and their letter codes are:  

  • Carpentry (A)

  • Concrete (B)

  • Excavation (D)

  • Insulation Work (G)

  • Masonry (I)

  • Painting & Decorating (J)

  • Siding (K)

  • Roofing (M)

  • Screen & Storm Sash (N)

  • Gutters (O)

  • Tile & Marble (P)

  • House Wrecking (R)

  • Swimming Pools (S), and 

  • Basement Waterproofing (T)


The prerequisites for licensure in Michigan include 60 hours of state-approved pre-licensing education courses (available online), be of good moral character, submit required documentation, and, of course, pass the exam. 


At least six hours of each of the subjects listed below must be included in the 60 hours of approved prelicensure courses: 

1)     Business Management, Estimating, and Job Costing; 

2)     Design and Building Science;

3)     Contracts, Liability, and Risk Management ;

4)     Marketing and Sales;

5)     Project Management and Scheduling;

6)     The Michigan Residential Code;

7)     MIOSHA Construction Safety Standards

The remaining 18 hours may come from topics selected from the approved course list. 

The Residential Builder examination is split into two parts: 1) Business and Law; 2) Practice and Trade. More information as to what kind of information will be covered in the examinations can be found at PSI Services LLC’s website (the company that administers the exams).

The cost to take the Residential Builder examination is $111.

The M&A Contractor examination includes the residential builder Business and Law exam plus an exam specific to the trade(s) in which an applicant seeks to be licensed. Information covered in the course can be located at the same PSI site provided immediately above.

The cost to take the M&A Contractor examination is $91 for one trade and $106 for two trades.

Individual Residential Builder applicants can apply online at www.michigan.gov/mylicense. Online applicants must submit a copy of their driver’s license or state personal identification card as well. Copies of identification may be sent by email to csclonline@michigan.gov, by mail to LARA-CSCL, Builders, P.O. Box 30018, Lansing, Michigan 48909, or by fax to 517-373-1044.


Our Residential Builder and Maintenance & Alteration Contractor course will provide you with everything you need to prepare for the exams and meet licensure requirements. Visit us at AYPO’s Michigan Contractor website.